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Ahhh....good old American Diesel.  This fuel helped to usher in the industrial era and has never stopped to take a break.  98% of all the products that we eat and use are transported and even created using engines and machinery running off of diesel engines. Diesel is used in all major heavy construction vehicles and machinery. It has been the backbone to every project that has given birth to the cities we live in and beyond.  Because the engines that run on diesel have proven themselves to be hardy and reliable, the diesel engine was redesigned and incorporated into commercial vehicles.  Although at times it may appear that diesel fuel may put off more emmisions than regular gas driven vehicles, this is actually not the case.  In fact diesel engines, especially commercial diesel engines, put off less emissions and run 25 - 50% more efficiently than regular gasoline engines.  This is due to the chemical make up of the diesel, in which although it is also petrolium based it also consists of various other sources that allow it to burn cleaner and slower, thus allowing your vehicle to run more efficiently and go farther in between fills.

Like all our fuels, Quickway Diesel Fuels are high in quality and are guaranteed to help your diesel engine outlast and outperform others.