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Red Dyed - Off Road Deisel

Red Dyed Off Road Diesel is primarily designated for any type of vehicle that is not meant to be driven on roads or highways; such as heavy construction equipment like tractors, bob-cats, generators and back-hoes as well as recreational vehicles like ATV's and dirt bikes.  These vehicles are illegal to drive on regulated, paved roads and highways.

Red Dyed Off Road Diesel Fuels were created to be a low cost substitute for these off road vehicles that consume large amounts of diesel.  Because of this, it is ONLY allowed to be used exclusively within non-taxed, off-road or commercial equipment.  It is dyed RED to identify it as the fuel type used for these engines.  Please be fore-warned that it is illegal to fill your street legal diesel truck (or car) with this type of fuel and you may face fines or other penalties if any law enforcement officials find that you are using this fuel illegally.

Off Road diesel is the fuel of choice for any of your Off Road vehicles as it provides that same high performance output but at a much lower cost, keeping your construction site equipment working harder and carrying your all terrain vehicles farther at a much lower cost that regular commercial diesel fuels.