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Regular 87 Octane

87 Octane gasoline is the standard fuel that is distributed through gas stations throughout the United States.  Although common, our 87 Octane (Regular) is still high in quality compared to other stations within the region.  Although all stations offer the same fuel basics (Regular, Plus & Super) not all fuels are the same.  One must pay attention to the "Quality" of the fuel that the station provides.  Often the key point to pay attention to is the price.  If a certain type of fuel is being sold for considerably less that others, then chances are that fuel is heavliy watered or of extremely porr quality.  If you were to fill your tank up with that type of fuel it might only last you a little more than a day.

Quickway offers only high quality fuels, what this means is that our fuels are better for your vehicle and contain less ethanol and water, and is also filtered better to ensure that less filaments are present in the tanks, which can build up in your engine over time.  All of these aspects thus ensures that your vehicle runs better and longer in between fills.

So even though all stations offer the same Octane grades, Quickway's quality fuels are guaranteed to be better suited for any type of vehicle.